Blog - The story of a 31 year old making dog bandanas and dog accessories. This is the first blog post from House of Ginger, explaining their journey and how they came to make dog accessories and dog bandanas and puppuccino cups

Just the story of a 31 year old making dog bandanas

Hi there furiends,

My name is Jess and I'm the founder, CEO, manager, chief sewer, order packer and events manager at House of Ginger. I handmake everything myself from my spare room and am truly a one woman band... except when I manage to rope in my family and friends to help out.

I started House of Ginger last year after I had a stress induced anxious breakdown - caused by a mixture of my stressful job, followed by the breakup of a 9 year relationship.

So, I quit my job, moved home to my parents, and thought WTF (what the fluff... obvs) do I do now! I was 31, jobless, selling my house, getting divorced, in therapy and I felt I had truly hit rock bottom. I was a broken woman, feeling as though everything I knew had been swept out from underneath my feet.

It was at this point in September 2021 that I started trading as House of Ginger. Inspired by my own ginger ninja Lottie the Vizsla - as well as being a newly single dog mum - I knew it would be hard to find a job that allowed me to look after her in the way she was used to. So House of Ginger was born.

I put all my energy into making dog bandanas and bow ties. It gave me hope, a distraction, and it brought me a lot of joy! Meeting people at events, getting to know so many cute pups and immersing myself in the world of dogs was so good for my soul and spirit. Now almost a year on, I am making much more than bandanas and bow ties and am really excited to see where House of Ginger takes me.

My misson... I want House of Ginger to be the 'ASOS', the 'Primark', the 'In The Style' of the dog fashion world. Bringing quality fabrics together with trending designs, suitable for the classy pups and the pups who just want to join in on the latest fad trend. We don't forget about the owners either - I have just launched my new collection of matching dog and owner hoodies, so both owner and pooch can go walkies in style! Most of my items are handmade and designed by me, I try and choose fabrics from small fabric businesses where possible too.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey so far. It's not always easy and it's not always stress free, but it's something I'm proud of and something I really love.

Lots of fur hugs,

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