A guide on how to keep your dog entertained this summer with boredom buster tips including frozen treats, snuffle mats and puppuccino cups.

How to keep your dog entertained - boredom buster tips and guide

Hi furiends

Oh my dog, this heatwave in the UK is killing me! Not only can I not take Lottie out for a normal walk, but I have to iron and hem bandanas today and tomorrow in preparation for Dog Masters this weekend.

I don’t know about you, but keeping my dog entertained all day is hard enough as it is, let alone when she can’t even run around outside to burn off that energy. She is a Vizsla, so a very high energy dog, who usually has a good run off leash and a lot of play time in the garden. However, when it’s this hot outside it’s not really safe for her to prat about all day. I know that +27 degrees isn't hot for those of you living across the pond in the US, but in the UK our dogs (and owners) are not so well acclimatised to this heat.

With Lottie being so high energy, I like to think that keeping her entertained is something I’ve perfected over the years – not to toot my own trumpet. It took me a good year and lots of damage to carpets, clothes and furniture to learn the best way to keep her busy whilst I was working. Does this sound familiar to any of you too?

If so, then keep reading as I am going to share some of my boredom buster tips to help. I have tried all of these dog games and tricks with Lottie, some have been more successful than others -but I’ll let you be the judge with your own dog. Let me know how you get on!


Here is an extensive list of things I have tried with Lottie – good luck! If you want the details and step by step guide to some of the winning boredom busters, then download my free guide.

  • Go Find It – place treats around the house for them to find. Tips on how to teach your dog to do this can be found in the free guide.
  • Long lasting chews! – these are my firm favourite, and can keep dogs busy for up to an hour. I have specified some of my favourite long lasting chews in my free guide.
  • Frozen treats & Puppuccinos – not only do these keep your dog cool but they are super easy to prepare in advance if you know you have a busy day ahead. Mine don’t include a million fancy ingredients don’t worry – I have kept them super quick and simple. Check out the full list in the guide.
  • Towel Sushi – this is exactly as it sounds. Treats rolled up in a towel and tied in a knot for extra difficulty. Make sure to use an old towel as it WILL get ruined.
  • Snuffle Mats – if your dog is kibble fed then this is a great one for dinner times. It takes them about 30 minutes to eat their dinner… just long enough to have a shower or watch an episode of your fave tv show in peace. If they’re not kibble fed then fill ‘em with treats. Check out my free guide to see which snuffle mats keep them quiet the longest.
  • Kongs & Treat Balls – I know everyone bangs on about Kongs, but honestly, I have always found them really helpful. Great for dinner times, great for treats, great fresh or frozen… and they can be thrown in the dishwasher! I’m not actually sure if they’re dishwasher proof or not, but I have always thrown mine in and had no problems. Some people say their dog isn’t interested but have you taught your dog to use them? If you simply plonk it down in front of them, then they’re likely going to walk off – unless you’ve added some super stinky, high value treat inside. You need to teach them to interact with it and bobs your uncle! Download the guide for tips on what to put in them.

If you found these tips helpful, please share with all your fur-friends.

I have purchased and tried all these tips myself. I have linked to Amazon to make it easy for you to see more about each product.


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